FAQ - Mounted

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1. What are the size options?

Mount size options are available in four standard sizes.

Dimensions (inches)
Dimensions (mm)
Extra Small
Extra Large

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Mount sizes are industry standard so that they do not have to be altered to fit standard frames. Mounts will overlap the photos by approximately 1/8" - the visible photo size will therefore be a 1/4" smaller on both dimensions.

2. Can I adjust the mount size?

Adjustments to the mount sizes can be made offline. Additional charges will apply if you require a wider (larger) mount around the photo.

3. How long does the mounting process take?

Orders will be despatched within 6 working days. If your order is more urgent please contact us offline to make arrangements for a faster delivery. Priority surcharges may apply.

4. How will my mounted photo arrive?

The mount will be encased in a slightly larger piece of hard board, and then shrink wrapped before being carefully packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. More information on delivery is available in the Delivery FAQ section.

5. Why should I buy a photo - mounted only?

Mounted or "Frame Ready" is an interim option between purchasing the images photo only and having a photo fully framed. You may wish to purchase a cheaper, ready made frame or may have your own particular frame moulding in mind. Mounts are available in a range of industry standard sizes to fit ready made frames widely available on the high street.

6. What is involved in the mounting process?

Mounting is the first stage of the framing process. An acid free white core*, slightly off white textured mount board is placed over the photo, which has been rolled into position onto the self adhesive 1.5 mm backing board. The backing board holds the photo completely flat, avoiding bubbles or creases, and also fixes the mount in place around the photo.
*acid free white core are elements within the mount board that are designed to stop any discolouring or yellowing of the photo and the mount over time.